Domestic oil and gas exploration and production remains the heart of Dan A. Hughes Company, L.P. Over the past 50 years, Hughes has been a strong player in many of the most prolific oil and gas trends and fields located throughout the Gulf Coast of the United States.  In addition Hughes has been active in drilling oil and gas prospects in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming.

International Operations

Historically, Hughes has been active internationally, with operations in Australia and Canada. In 1997 Hughes became a significant player internationally with the formation of Hupecol Operating, LLC, with offices in Bogata, Colombia.  Management and oversight are directed from both Hughes’ San Antonio and Houston offices.  Other international operations are being conducted in Belize and Italy.

For more information about Hupecol, please visit, Hupecol "Hughes Petroleum Colombia"

Beyond The USA

  • International Operations

    1970 Canada - Participated in the discovery of the Dunvegan gas field

    1978 Australia - Discovered the Woodada gas field

    1996 Colombia - Began drilling activities that continue to this day

    2013 Italy

    2014 Belize

    2016 Italy

    International Operations