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Over the past 50 years, Dan A. Hughes Company LP has become a respected petroleum exploration and production company.  Our success is derived by assembling and drilling technically sound oil and gas prospects. We have earned a reputation among landowners and industry partners for integrity, efficiency and competence.

Our Mission

Dan A. Hughes Company, LP is committed to being a leader among independent petroleum exploration and production companies. We strive to create value for investors and landowners through the safe and environmentally responsible development of oil and gas resources.

Our Values

Hughes forges long-term partnerships with landowners, operators, suppliers, and regulatory authorities based on our unwavering commitment to ethical business conduct, safe operations, and responsible environmental stewardship.


  • 2016 - Italy

    Irminio #6 in Sicily


  • 2015 - Santa Fe Ranch, Texas

    This acquisition represents a unique exploration opportunity in a prolific gas trend in South Texas.  This asset will assure Hughes’ continued presence in the exploration and production of oil and gas in South Texas.

    Santa Fe Ranch, Texas

  • 2008 - Eagleford Shale

    2007-08 brought the Eagle Ford Shale play to South Texas and Dan A. Hughes Company, L.P. was an early operator in the play.  When the play began to emerge in 2007, Hughes’ experience in the Eagle Ford proved invaluable in recognizing the potential of the Eagle Ford formation and led Dan A. Hughes Company to be one of the earliest players in the trend.

    Eagleford Shale

  • 2004 - Barnett Shale

    City of Denton Airport #2H - Barnett Shale Well during fracing operations – 2004

    Dan A. Hughes Company was one of the early operators in the prolific Barnett Shale in and around the city of Denton, Texas. This was the first instance where Hughes utilized horizontal drilling and fracing techniques.

    Barnett Shale

  • 2000 - Lower Wilcox

    In the year 2000, and contrary to accepted industry practices, Hughes pioneered the use of AVO seismic processing to identify lower Wilcox prospects.  This led to the discovery and development of numerous sizable lower Wilcox fields in Karnes, Bee and Live Oak counties, Texas.

    Lower Wilcox

  • 1996 - Colombia

    Seeking additional foreign ventures, the Dan A. Hughes Company began to explore in Latin America. Colombia was determined to be the most attractive opportunity and HUPECOL (Hughes Petroleum Columbia ) was founded. To date, numerous concessions have been acquired, explored with 3D seismic, drilled and sold for profit.HUPECOL continues to be a premier player in Colombia today.


  • 1980 - Gulf Coast Exploration

    Throughout the 80's and 90's, Dan Hughes, in conjunction with his son Dan Allen Hughes Jr., focused their exploration efforts along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast.  During this period they experienced a great deal of success drilling Frio, Miocene and Wilcox wells.  In addition, Dan Hughes' close relationship with his brother Dudley Hughes, allowed Dan Hughes to participate in the discovery and development of numerous significant fields in Mississippi and Alabama.

    Gulf Coast Exploration

    image caption

  • 1979 - Australia

    In 1978 Hughes & Hughes Australia PTY Ltd. was created  to explore for oil and gas in Australia.  In early 1979 the first successful well was drilled approximately 175 miles north of Perth.  This well was drilled to the Permian formation and led to the discovery of the Woodada field, which gained national attention.


  • 1969 - Canada

    In 1969, Hughes participated in a series of wildcat wells in Western Canada with Anderson Exploration Company that resulted in several discoveries of relatively shallow oil and gas fields.  The most significant of these was the Dunvegan field which will ultimately produce 1.6 trillion feet of gas.


    Drilling Rig

  • 1967 - Las Tiendas

    Hughes & Hughes drilled the #1 Beasley-Connevey in Webb county Texas in 1967. This well proved to be a siginificant natural gas discovery. The drilling of several more wells extended the Las Tiendas field. This discovery was perhaps the major turning point in Dan A. Hughes’ career and cemented his role as an independent operator. 

    Las Tiendas

  • 1956 - New Mexico

    While in the Army stationed at Fort Bliss, Dan developed a prospect on Federal land and purchased leases covering it.  This prospect is where the George Riggs #1 Hughes Federal discovery well was drilled in the Salazar Yates Oil Field near Carlsbad, NM in 1956. This field continues to produce today.

    New Mexico

    Carlsbad, NM in 1956

  • 1937 - Louisiana

    Dan Greenwood Hughes, Dan A. Hughes’ father cast the mold for his children and the petroleum industry they would work in at an early age. Two sets of twins - Dan A. & Dudley J. born in 1929, and June and Jane born in 1933. All became petroleum geologists and were heavily influenced by Dan G.


    The Hughes children, Dan, Jane, Dudley and June Hughes. Monroe, LA, circa 1937